Why Online Casinos Appeal To Seniors? Meritline|Why Online Casinos Appeal To Seniors

Why Online Casinos Appeal to Seniors? MeritLine|Why Online Casinos Appeal to Seniors

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Why Online Casinos Appeal to Seniors?

As we age, we tend to be less vigilant about our eating habits or our bad inclinations. It is enough that there are no more safeguards around such as the family or home help, and the elderly can easily lose control in their daily life and indulge in playful activities without measuring it.

We don’t know, but the phenomena of addiction can also affect the wisest among us, and our grandparents, who sometimes have more time and money, are potential targets for all excesses, including those of gambling.

Add to this that seniors are now real jack-of-all-trades and stay in the game longer. Whether in terms of casino outings or registrations on online gaming platforms, it would be wrong to believe that they are not legion! Here’s how to spot a senior.

43% of Seniors Over 65 Are Connected!

With 53 million Internet users in the UK, all-digital technology affects everyone, and now we meet players of all ages! Although the figures show a minority practice with only 35% of the elderly who use their smartphone to connect to the internet, and therefore potentially 6% of them who are real fans of games from their mobile, we are witnessing still a real boom in action: 11 million of the UK Internet users are seniors!

In fact, when you retire, the leisure boom picks up again! And many clubs for the third age or neighborhood associations offer to train young seniors in the joys of the digital games. Very often, in the early days, our loved one goes there dragging their feet, claiming that it is not their time, but little by little, by acquiring more autonomy and, above all, confidence, seniors gather key information to surf in turn on the great spider’s web where, for example, so-called “cognitive” games flourish.

11% of Gambling Players on the Internet Are Seniors

With regard to the detection of possible pathological gambling, what should alert us precisely is this famous time spent on the internet. That is to say that if it increases beyond the two hours spent per day on average by the Britons in 2020 and that the elderly person no longer knows how to pick up by talking only about finishing the game or replaying stakes, that’s where you have to put the kibosh especially since seniors do not always know how to determine their own limits!

And as they say, “time is money,” a third of 65 to 75-year-olds have played at least once a year in a game where their budget is seriously taken into account!

Likewise, they do not necessarily know the terms and conditions of online casino bonuses and how to make the most of the good practice of gambling. To read more visit Gamblingpro.pro site . After having treated the addiction thanks to a psychotherapist, a support group, and GamCare. We can really help them find the advantages of gambling while freeing themselves from the disadvantages!

What Are Their Main Risk Factors in Relation to Non GamStop Gambling?

  • Lack of experience on the internet : More inclined to relay fake news according to a study by Science Advances, “silver surfers” do not always distinguish between good gaming platforms and possible scams. To overcome this, nothing beats playing in multiplayer mode or transgenerational mode to turn the most novices into experts! Because in this matter, prevention is better than cure, with why not, with the help of teenagers and other geeks!
  • Greater loneliness : points of sale for scratch or lottery tickets are places of conviviality for people likely to experience retirement as a pitfall. Similarly, casinos represent for seniors a haven of peace where it is good to have fun to counter boredom. The danger arises when the elderly person no longer distinguishes between pleasure and addiction, and when this means of getting out of it, which initially was gambling , ultimately becomes suffering from the risks of indebtedness that this implies. Also, beware of the depression that can be masked by excessive gambling!
  • The uncontrolled lure ofgain : we must not kid ourselves, but 62% admit to playing to earn money. Many use it to supplement a small retreat. However, games of chance are never a panacea, the results are always uncertain, and we must be alerted when the elderly person spends without counting by dipping cheerfully into the savings of a lifetime. The best thing is to determine with her, in advance, a predetermined budget that she can calmly devote to her passion.


In summary, non GamStop casinos appeal to seniors for the thrill and adrenaline but also and above all, to pass the time! When they hit the jackpot, it acts as a makeover, and on that, we can’t blame them!

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