25 engaging ice breakers for virtual meetings that wont bore your team!

If you need a guaranteed conversation starter, try a question that brings back childhood or teenage years memories – they provide an inexhaustible source of amusement. Simply create a quiz poll question in Slido and mark one option as correct. You can use our integrations with Google Slides and PowerPoint to insert the poll directly into your slides. Ask your team how they are in a different way this time – try it with a poll.

ice breakers for conference calls

Have one team member start making a noise you’d hear in a song, like percussion, and have others gradually add to the beat. Drawasaurus is one of my favorite online drawing games to play with colleagues. Players get to choose from three random prompts to quickly interpret and https://remotemode.net/blog/15-effective-icebreakers-for-virtual-meetings/ draw their vision. Online team-building games are fun and social – they encourage interaction among coworkers and help bring back the camaraderie of a physical office. If you’ve ever experienced the real thing, you surely know that it’s as much fun as it is nerve-wracking!

#2: Theme Days

They aid with boosting audience engagement, help people to settle in, and set the tone of the session. I love the game “Two Truths and One Lie,” because it allows you to get a little more creative with your teams and to have some fun. If you’ve never played Codenames, this one’s a great starter icebreaker that’s super helpful if you want to boost creativity. People don’t need to share their location or name their city if they feel uncomfortable.

  • Finding we have things in common with our colleagues is a gift.
  • This icebreaker won’t take your team long to complete if you give them a heads-up to prepare.
  • Give a little bit of time before starting to let participants think about animals and what their favorite says about them.
  • It all boils down to the fact that all that matters is that everyone is put at ease and is open to discussing whatever is at hand.
  • Music brings people together, and you’d be surprised to learn how many of your coworkers are raving about the top trending song on TikTok or Spotify.
  • Whatever the format, the goal is always to help your team be present in the meeting and begin making connections.

So why are remote team building activities like icebreakers so important? With increased social connection comes higher employee engagement, less stress, and a generally healthier outlook on work and business. Sometimes a little (unserious) competition can be a great way to build camaraderie — here are a few of our favorite icebreaker games for virtual meetings. Combining movement and questions can be an effective way to warm-up both the body and the mind.

The All-Inclusive Icebreaker

The list continues below — read on to find fun icebreaker games, icebreakers for large teams, and more. Tired of the same old discussions at the beginning of every meeting? Then this well-curated list of fun and insightful icebreaker games and questions is for you. Here’s another one from the ‘Get to know your colleagues better’ virtual icebreakers. Set up a new tradition and ask your team one random question each week or month.

ice breakers for conference calls

Then your team can celebrate the winner and laugh at the funniest responses as a light-hearted way to break the ice. Thousands of companies use Water Cooler Trivia to make their work week more fun and there’s a free four-week trial. Solving a murder mystery can be a great way to break the ice with your team. You can create fantastic stories with this enjoyable team-building activity. Each person will tell a three-sentence tale that ends with the phrase „suddenly…“ The person after that must pick up the story and add three sentences of their own, and so forth. A fantastic Zoom icebreaker that our team has enjoyed is sharing a fact or thing about ourselves that no one else is aware of.

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